Information for presenters and session chairs

Guidelines for ORAL presentations

  • For oral presentations you will have only 12 minutes to present leaving 2 minutes for questions and 1 minute between talks. Chairs are required to strictly enforce these timings (think Psychonomic time) and will stop a talk after 14 minutes, in which case there will be no time for questions.
  • Laptop and projector will be provided in every session room.
  • In case you will need laptop sound please inform the technician staff in the session room before your session starts.
  • Please prepare your presentation in MS Power Point.
  • The projection will be in 4:3 format.
  • In case you will use your own Apple laptop please bring your own VGA connector.
  • You can upload your presentation in the break before the session to the laptop in the room.

Guidelines for POSTER presentations

  • Posters will be set up in a dedicated area (Aula).
  • Interactive Poster sessions will take place at times specified in the program and below:
    • Poster session I: Monday (July 18) 11:30 - 13:00
    • Poster session II: Tuesday (July 19) 11:30 - 13:00
    • Poster session III: Thursday (July 21) 11:30 – 13:00
  • Posters can be displayed for the whole day on the dedicated poster board: mounted in the mornings and must be removed in the evenings. Not removed posters will be stored at the registration desk till the end of the congress. Left behind posters will be destroyed after the congress.
  • The maximum size of the poster should not exceed 80 cm in width x 120 cm in height, portrait format.
  • Posters can be mounted by pins that will be provided by the organizers.

Information for session chairs

Please make sure to arrive at the room where the session takes place at least 20 minutes in advance. This will allow you to meet the sessions speakers and to see whether there are any problems with installing their presentations. If you present a talk within the session please ask another presenter to act as chair for your talk.

Your main tasks will be

  1. To start the session on time
  2. To very briefly introduce each talk
  3. To make sure that the speaker will finish her/his talk within the time available. To ensure this, please give the speaker a countdown (e.g., indicating 5 min to end, 2 min to end, finish) and stop her/him if necessary.
  4. To moderate the discussion after each talk.
  5. To end the session on time